Niche Electrical :

Located In Wodonga, Victoria, Niche Electrical strives to provide specialised services suited to individual customers needs.  With years of experience, particularly in the Industrial Manufacturing and Automation fields, and a strong support network, Niche Electrical is well situated to accommodate your electrical needs.

Electrical Contractor (NSW  212594C)  (Vic. REC: 19686)
Master Cabler (A032285) Phone and Data services.

Core business areas:
  • Electrical Installation (Industrial, Commercial, Domestic)
  • Automation and Controls (Design, troubleshooting, Installation & Modification)
  • Maintenance (Electrical Coverage, Modification, Preventative Maintenance) 


Mobile 0410 052 624    ||    P.O. Box 8184, West Wodonga, Vic, 3690, Australia    ||    ABN:  97,678.648,387